What Is a Spiritual Marriage?

Marriage is God-made, not man-made, but man has abused the high purpose of marriage. Spiritual marriage means to marry your soul to the eternal love of God. Without God no marriage can be successful. The purpose of marriage is to know God, to be with God together, but this has been forgotten.

Yogananda and Health and Healing

Our thoughts, will, feeling, muscular strength, proper action of organs and glands—all depend for their existence on the Life Force. Billions of body cells are kept alive properly working through this secret vital power. By consciously willing, you can draw Life Energy into the body through the medulla oblongata to replenish the energy that is expended through thoughts, feelings, and physical activities.

The will bridges the gulf between Life Energy in the body and the Cosmic Energy surrounding it. If you follow these teachings, you will learn to draw on Cosmic Life Energy to vitalize every body cell.

Easter Messages from Paramhansa Yogananda

Easter may bring lilies, bunnies, and eggs for you to celebrate Christ’s resurrection; but I pray that the lily of Christ wisdom grow in the garden of your soul, that you taste the sweetness of Christ love in your heart, that you enjoy the infinitely colored egg of true happiness — and that, like the fast-footed bunny, may you quicken your pace towards your divine home.

Divine Will Healing

From the original teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, this book is a treasure trove of Divine Will Healing techniques.

This booklet was created as a resource to accompany the Ananda five-day seminar on Yogananda’s healing techniques, and is now a useful resource for anyone who would apply these teachings with sincerity and devotion both for their own healing, and for the healing benefit of others.

How to Acquire Magnetism

To acquire mental magnetism, we must do everything with deep concentration. People who have reached the top in any profession or business have great powers of concentration and great magnetic power. If we are a slave to any of the senses, we are losing magnetism. If we have control over the senses, we are developing magnetism. Being able to develop and maintain an even mind without getting emotional is the way to magnetic living.

Strengthening Will Power

In order to develop will power, you must realize that behind your will is the will of God. As often as possible, determine to do one little thing which you think you cannot do. When you have accomplished that goal, go on to something slightly bigger. Keep on exercising your will power in this way.…

Listen to “O God Beautiful”

This chant, “O God Beautiful,” was composed by Guru Nanak, while Paramhansa Yogananda translated it into English and added his own melody.

An Exchange with Ramana Maharshi

From Paramhansa Yogananda: A Biography with Personal Reflections and Reminiscences.

Yogananda’s mission was both to sincere seekers and to suffering humanity. His teachings were destined to offer people everywhere a major incentive to improve their lot by pointing them in the direction of ever-greater spirituality.

No doubt to satisfy his curiosity as to Ramana Maharshi’s attitude toward mass development, he asked the saint what he thought of mass upliftment.

“There can be no good accomplished except through personal enlightenment,” was the reply.

Yogananda once more, as he had graciously done toward Mahatma Gandhi, allowed Ramana Maharshi to have the last word. It was never his way to argue. The ashram annals, reporting this exchange, make it seem as though Ramana Maharshi had had the best of an argument.

Later, however, Ramana’s brother, who was no saint and was very ego-centered, tried to get Yogananda into an argument on the point—no doubt to persuade him of the uselessness of the work he was doing in promulgating truth by lectures, books, and the like. Ramana Maharshi, seeing him from inside the satsang room, called to him quietly, “Come away.” He knew Yogananda’s stature.

Has Jesus Come Again?

An article by Swami Kriyananda.

When you get somebody of that spiritual order, it’s almost impossible to say who he was in subsequent incarnations.… It’s almost better to forget it’s the same person, but in fact, he must have come again. Master said that Christ has returned, but, to my knowledge, he didn’t say who he was.…

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