The Hong-Sau Technique of Paramhansa Yogananda is the perfect tool for developing the concentration needed for practicing meditation. Its purpose is to help still the mind by calming the breath and focusing on the mantra Hong (rhymes with song)-Sau (rhymes with saw), which means “I am Spirit”.

This mantra carries the meaning and vibration that we are one with spirit deep into our superconsciousness, so that we may become open to the direct experience of communion with God. Thus we may come to know Him as one of his divine qualities: peace, calmness, sound, light, love, joy or bliss, power, or wisdom.

By entering into this state of deep calmness, we forget the breath, and we forget the body, so that we may experience God in stillness at “the altar of spirit.”

Learn the  Hong-Sau Technique

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      • Irene says:

        I really enjoyed this video.It helped me feel more confident about meditation.Specific guidance appreciated

      • narayandas.n says:


      • Michael Dahlgren says:

        An excellent,concise and spiritually sensitive presentation
        of the Hong Sau technique.
        Highly recommended.

      • Isaac says:

        it’s “Ham Sa” for God’s sake! I doubt if Yogananda said it is Hang Saw!!

      • Sid says:

        That is the Bengali pronunciation and PY had a Bengali upbringing, hence you will find different spelling/pronunciations of the same mantra.

      • Denise keefer says:

        It was a very nice tutorial. Thank you for the offer to view  it for free. 

      • Rupali Sharma says:

        Om Shanti Om. I am a peaceful soul.

      • Rupali Sharma says:

        Very nice meditation technique… Thank you.

      • Johua says:

        I have loved this video. The practical experience was good. Have you heard of a Russian medical scientist who developed the Buteyko breathing exercises for treating asthma? His technique of breathing is very similar to the Hog-Saw technique. Let me know what you think.

      • Katherine says:

        I have such a hard time meditating but this just might be the one that helps me get there . Your voice is very calming and I thank you for this

      • Shweta says:

        Amazing. Thank you!

      • deepika sharma says:

        Please send me help to meet god. My main objective is to meet shiva as I believe he loves to and I should meet him. I saw him in my dreams and that not seems like dreams to me.
        Please help I can not cry anytime

      • Aditya says:

        You can take Kriya from Ananda or YSS or SRF. Kriya takes us to states of higher conciousness where we can commune with god in his different aspects.

      • Manohar shetty says:

        Dear lady…you are not supposed to teach these meditation techniques of paramahansa yoganananda openly….and giving wrong techniques to the people..proper techniques should come through yogada satsanga lessons only…u guys are misguiding the people giving wrong techniques….hello guys out there if u really want to learn proper yogada satsanga meditation techniques given by paramahansa yogananda please apply online lessons..once u apply for the lessons,u will get the lessons every month posted to your address… Yogada satsanga society of india… is a nonprofit self realization organization founded by Sri Sri paramahansa yoganananda for the benefit of the mankind…jai guru.. .god bless u all.

      • Ravi mehrotra says:

        Enjoyed the video
        The explanation of meditation technique
        Is adoptable 

      • Ace says:

        You are a blessed soul and i can feel the peace blessed upon you by your Guru. Great going and thanks for sharing your light with others. God Bless.

      • Sudesh phadke says:

        Blessed to watch….namaste

      • Judy D. Richards-Anderson says:

        Hi my friend, 

             I am so grateful for your Video teachings, as it was so helpful in my learning  how to meditate using the technique of Hong-say.  I really enjoyed the techniques and felt so relaxed after.  Thank you.

        Sincerely blessings,
        Judy D.

      • Francis basumatary says:

        Very good technique for meditation

      • Barbara G says:

        A wonderful technique delivered from knowing and with heart. Lovely high vibration. It has helped me enormously, especially during these times of world-wide uncertainty. A real game-changer. Thank you and many blessings.

      • Vani says:

        Please send me Video of hong sau techniques.Thanks

      • stephen stones says:

        thank you for your wonderful lesson you are lovely!

      • Poonam uppal says: