On This Day in the Life of Paramhansa Yogananda…

April 12


Yogananda conducted the first Easter Service at Mt. Washington in Los Angeles and began a series of lectures and classes in San Diego, California.


Yogananda gave an 8:00 PM evening lecture on “Great Science of Healing First Revealed — Harmonization of Medical and Mental Healing” at the Elmwood Music Hall in Buffalo, New York.


Yogananda addressed Buffalo, New York students on “The Power of Truth.”

Yogananda signed the Statement Of The Ownership of East-West Magazine (required By The Act Of Congress Of August 24, 1912) and swore that it was owned by “Swami Yogananda”, and the Publisher is Yogoda and Satsanga Society, 509 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York.

Easter Messages from Paramhansa Yogananda

Easter may bring lilies, bunnies, and eggs for you to celebrate Christ’s resurrection; but I pray that the lily of Christ wisdom grow in the garden of your soul, that you taste the sweetness of Christ love in your heart, that you enjoy the infinitely colored egg of true happiness — and that, like the fast-footed bunny, may you quicken your pace towards your divine home.

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