On This Day in the Life of Paramhansa Yogananda…

October 23


The booklet Yogoda Or Muscle-Will System Of Physical Perfection, 1st edition, was copyrighted by Swami Giri Yogananda.


Yogananda gave an 8:00 PM talk at the Assembly Hall of the Multnomah Hotel in Portland, Oregon, on “Highest Technique of Concentration, Meditation and Yogoda.”


The second anniversary of the Mt. Washington center was celebrated with a party hosted by Dhirananda and attended by many celebrities, including “Mr. and Mrs. Hamid Bey of Egypt.”


Yogananda lectured at 8:00 PM at the Hotel Maryland in Pasadena, California on “Highest Science of Super Concentration and All-Round Success — Yogoda.” The flyer for the series promised attendees that an “Amazing Demonstration follows lecture.”


Yogananda returned by ship in New York from his 1935 – 1936 trip to India.