The Passing of Sister Gyanamata

The Passing of Sister Gyanamata

Sister Gyanamata was Yogananda’s foremost woman disciple. “I have searched her life,” Yogananda said after her death, “and have found there not a single sin, not even of thought.”

Her last words were, “Too much joy! Oh, too much joy!”

Her devotion is immortalized in God Alone, a book of letters, including many from her to her Guru, and from Yogananda to her.

A large section in chapter 38 of The New Path delves into her saintly life and passing. From the book:

“I saw her sink into the watchful state of Spirit, beyond creation,” Master said later. Sister’s reward for years of perfect surrender to the Guru’s will was final liberation.

“She attained God through wisdom,” Master told us. “My path has been through joy.”