On This Day in the Life of Paramhansa Yogananda…

February 22


A photograph was taken of “Swami Yogananda’s Los Angeles Class.”

Yogananda visited Washington's tomb and offered these flowers there.

Yogananda visited Washington’s tomb and offered flowers on this day in history.


Yogananda visited Mount Vernon with his students and gave a talk. A photograph was taken showing him leaving a wreath at Washington’s grave. His words to the audience included the following:

“As Washington performed his duty he never forgot the Giver of all gifts. That is what inspired me in his life. In India he always inspired me with this thought. His love for Truth was greater than love of party politics.

“I believe that though patriotism is necessary, it should not exclude Spiritual Truth because patriotism which excludes international well-being is built on loose stones. But patriotism which is firmly built on the everlasting source of Truth, that patriotism which loves Truth and Truth Alone, that nation is based on such patriotism as Washington possessed… and the great good that he did to the world and to America is ever awake with us.

“He is ever living in the minds of the world, and we must always be inspired by his example… for he inspired not only thousands, hundreds of thousands, but millions.”


Yogananda established the Self-Realization Temple in Long Beach, California.